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A Faithful servant wishing to serve my Master, our Almighty God the Father who has been so generous with His Mercy and Love. Hoping that in my own simple way of sharing prayers, daily reflection of the gospel, I would be able to serve him with pure love, surrender and fulfillment of whatever He wanted me to do for His glory God bless us all! Pencil in the Hands of a Writing God By Mary Lorelei Vicedo- Aquino Inspiration is from the heart That sings the goodness of God Satisfaction is for my soul That drives me to write a poem Virtues and kindness showers me with joy Unlimited messages of love that overflows His Truth and His Guidance leads me To aspire as His Little Pencil, every time he wishes to write I will keep on writing till the day I die Share the memories of God and his mankind To open our hearts and minds That God exists every moment in time Songs of gratitude, praises all the time For many blessings, in spirit and kind Those were bestowed upon us all By our dearest Father, who is the creator of all! I will always try and do my part To aspire as the little pencil in the hands of a writing God Show my love and devotion to the one I love For He has given me a life with grace and love To my dearest and only God I offer to you this heart and mind Continue to bless me day and night So I can be your little pencil in this life and in heaven above. I am your servant my Father and God Let your Spirit be my hands and mind Let the inspiration flows like the ocean and its sands Have the power of your love that is infinite and divine Have me as your little Pencil in your Mighty and Loving Hands “I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.” Mother Theresa

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